Friday, November 6, 2009

Questioning the perfectness of God

A perfect God who creates imperfect man.
Doesn't that say something about the perfection of this God?
If this God is perfect then why create imperfect man?
What's the whole point of it?
If this God is all powerful, then why allow the devil to do what he does?
Question the perfectness of God.
You'll see the truth.
Question the truthfulness of His word.
You'll see major flaws.

1 comment:

  1. The answer my Friend... has always been Choice.
    Love involves the freedom to choose.

    The first man was perfect, but he chose to corrupt himself.

    God Is all powerful, but he doesn't and will not destroy the devil now, because to do so, He must and have to destroy us as well. Because God is a fair God. To destroy the fallen angel, He too must destroy the fallen man.

    That's why He waits, and provides a way of redemption.

    I am not sure whether it answers all your questions.. But truth is, even if its answered. you will have many more questions.

    But i do hope that you will always remember His unfailing love.