Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transhumanist philosphy

This is one post concerning my beliefs that I'll post both here and on my general blog


Core Value
* Having the opportunity to explore the transhuman and posthuman realms

Basic Conditions
* Global security
* Technological progress
* Wide access

Derivative Values
* Nothing wrong about “tampering with nature”; the idea of hubris rejected
* Individual choice in use of enhancement technologies; morphological freedom
* Peace, international cooperation, anti-proliferation of WMDs
* Improving understanding (encouraging research and public debate; critical thinking; open-mindedness, scientific inquiry; open discussion of the future)
* Getting smarter (individually; collectively; and develop machine intelligence)
* Philosophical fallibilism; willingness to reexamine assumptions as we go along
* Pragmatism; engineering- and entrepreneur-spirit; science
* Diversity (species, races, religious creeds, sexual orientations, life styles, etc.)
* Caring about the well-being of all sentience
* Saving lives (life-extension, anti-aging research, and cryonic

This is what draws me to want to be a transhumanist. They are not afraid of science and truly want to benefit all of mankind. They're also very liberal and open to new ideas. These ideals appeal to me, and I'm sure to the majority of people as well...

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