Sunday, April 4, 2010

Humans and Supuerhumans

I believe in the saying "Survival of the fittest"
Only the strong, and the smart will survive.
The weak and the not so smart will be nothing more than walking bodies, taking up space.
I for one have no qualms of taking a human life, but only if, by taking that life I benefit all of humanity.
For example, if by killing a man I can extend the human life span by another 10 years. I will do it.
I see in the future, a time when humans will no longer be human, but superhuman. We will have physical and mental abilities beyond what we can imagine. And I see that those who aren't of superhuman calibre will be cast aside as the scum of society. Not because they commit crimes, but because of their inability to stand on par with those superhumans. And in due time, they will be removed from circulation.

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